Link your Trello account

Login to Scrumble with your Trello account and select the Trello board of your project

Create a Sprint

Select the dates of the sprint and set who's going to work during the sprint

Burndown Chart

The burndown chart is computed according to Trello tickets. The complexity points are parsed from tickets titles i.e. "(5) As a user I see a button on the home page"

Use Scrum for Trello extension

Send daily reports in few seconds

Link your Google account and Scrumble will send daily reports based on the template you defined

What is a daily report?


I had no idea of what you (the IT team) were doing, now it’s super clear. I know exactly what to expect today. Thanks.

Yahya, Product Strategy Manager BNP IP

I forwarded it to the head of IT of my main investor to show them our progress.

The CEO of a cool start-up we worked for

Writing the daily report used to be the borest thing of my day. Now it is so simple.

Vincent, agile developer at Theodo

Scrumble helped me to start instantly plannings (in ceremony) and to send my daily mails in less than 2 minutes!

Woody, agile architect developer at Theodo